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Rotten Tomatoes Score: 84%

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"Deftly moderating her patented eye-rolling poseur shtick, Page delivers her most charismatic and least divisive performance to date as Bliss Cavendar, aka Babe Ruthless."
‑ David Jenkins, Time Out
"For the most part, the 34-year-old Barrymore, with much of her life spent in front of the camera and more than a few impressive producing credits already in the bank, proves steady on her feet, able to handle curves and straightaways with equal grace."
‑ Betsy Sharkey, Los Angeles Times
"Led by Ellen Page, the movie finds the Juno star playing a slightly less cocksure version of the Diablo Cody creation."
‑ Simon Reynolds, Digital Spy
"It doesn't reach for an epic scale but is comfortable in its humility, and that makes it all the more stellar..."
‑ Felix Vasquez Jr., Cinema Crazed
"A surprisingly energetic, provoking and entertaining coming of age story."
‑ Wesley Lovell, Cinema Sight
"It's just "Footloose" goes to the roller derby."
‑ Richard Roeper, Richard Roeper.com
"Love may be too strong a word, for me. But I'm deeply in like with Whip It."
‑ Amy Biancolli, San Francisco Chronicle
"Juliette Lewis and her crazy eyes pretty much make any movie better."
‑ Dave White, Movies.com
"Barrymore is just as determined to land some insightful and unexpected dramatic punches as she is with the inherent physical comedy for which the sport is renowned."
‑ Simon Foster, sbs.com.au
"Slight narrative arc notwithstanding, there's a lot of warmth here."
‑ Michael Bonner, Uncut Magazine [UK]
"It's that happiest of surprises: a multiplex movie that genuinely respects its young audience."
‑ Elizabeth Weitzman, New York Daily News
"Boisterous, cloying, simultaneously raunchy and innocent, hip and klutzy."
‑ Liam Lacey, Globe and Mail
"[Whip It] treats its mostly female cast of characters with respect, and this is (sadly) a rare treat in cinema. Hannah Montana may be this generation's Spice Girl, but Bliss Cavender is the one really waving the 'girl power' flag."
‑ Simon Miraudo, Quickflix
"What impresses is the girl power spirit often prevalent in Barrymore's work, but also a its sense of optimism and warm heart."
‑ Cris Kennedy, Screenwize
"Whip It follows the classic follows the classic tropes of any indie coming-of-age film, big game showdown et al, but does it all so well you'll be instantly charmed."
‑ Sam Bathe, Fan The Fire
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