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Womb tells the story of the cross-generational love affair between Rebecca (Eva Green) and Thomas (Matt Smith), two childhood friends who, once re-united, became instant lovers - only to be separated again by Thomas' accidental death. After contemplating suicide, Rebecca finds consolation in the idea of cloning Matt back to life. Although society at large hasn't fully accepted the idea of human cloning, and often ostracizes those who have been cloned, Rebecca decides to forge ahead with her plans to give birth to her lost love - literally. -- (C) Olive
Rotten Tomatoes Score: 35%

Critic Reviews from Rotten Tomatoes

"Despite a fascinating concept, a gorgeous look and a silky score, 'Clone' is difficult to warm to."
‑ David Jenkins, Time Out
"The eeriness is underscored by the subtly intricate sound design, and by Green's subtle performance. She deftly balances her desire for the lost Tommy with the maternal responsibility to shield her son."
‑ Mark Jenkins, NPR
"Péter Szatmári's atmospheric photography of brooding, steely blue skies, bleak deserted beaches and soggy autumn woods is one of the chief virtues in this misbegotten enterprise."
‑ Allan Hunter, The List
"The only thing which would make this film more awkward is watching it with your parents."
‑ Emma Spedding, Little White Lies
"The film has a visual timelessness that adds to the other worldly mood"
‑ Andrew L. Urban, Urban Cinefile
"If the 20-odd seconds of blank screen squatting pointlessly amid the opening credits aren't enough warning that you're in for some seriously sluggish storytelling, then the adoption of a snail as one of the central motifs should drive the point home."
‑ Jeannette Catsoulis, New York Times
"It's a fascinating film to think about, but far too cool to touch."
‑ Noel Murray, AV Club
"Clone looks good and may get under your skin - if you can put up with the story's glacial pace, which is so creepingly slow that it's no wonder that the token of the pair's childhood love is a snail."
‑ Jason Best, Movie Talk
"One of the more effectively eerie chamber dramas to come around so far this year, perhaps because its chosen "chamber" exists on an otherworldly plane."
‑ Chris Cabin, Filmcritic.com
"What lets Womb down is its slow-to-the-point-of-complete-tedium pacing (especially in the first half), and finicky way it's stuck together."
‑ Mayer Nissim, Digital Spy
"You are unlikely to see a movie about incest made as sensitively and tastefully as "Womb.''"
‑ V.A. Musetto, New York Post
"Green was meant for quick-witted comedy. Unfortunately, she's becoming a mainstay of painfully sincere slogs..."
‑ Joshua Rothkopf, Time Out New York
"Shonky science, flat fiction - this should never have left the lab."
‑ Henry Barnes, Guardian
"Too abstract to suggest a coherent moral lesson, but too remote to foster a satisfying emotional connection, Womb feels barren, an attempt to do too much that ultimately does very little."
‑ Calum Marsh, Slant Magazine
"Benedek Fliegauf's haunting, well-shot film is a riveting sci-fi drama with an engrossing central performance and a thoughtful, surprisingly tasteful engagement with the concept of lost love and the lengths people will go to regain it."
‑ Shaun Munro, What Culture
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