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The Young@Heart Chorus is a vocal group from Northampton, MA, who have earned an international reputation for their unique interpretations of songs by Sonic Youth, the Ramones, and the Clash. However, this isn't a teenage garage band attacking the classic punk rock songbook -- the Young@Heart Chorus is comprised of 22 senior citizens whose average age is 80, and under director Bob Cilman they've gained a degree of fame for their enthusiastic a cappella renditions of well-known rock & roll tunes. Filmmaker Stephen Walker spent several weeks with the members of the Young@Heart Chorus as… More

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Rotten Tomatoes Score: 88%

Critic Reviews from Rotten Tomatoes

"Sure, these 'zesty', 'lively' old folks are enjoying themselves. The question is why on earth we should be expected to watch."
‑ Tom Huddlestone, Time Out
"An undeniably sweet mix of disarming honesty, inspired gumption and brutal reality, Young@Heart somehow manages to avoid the maudlin while enhancing the obvious with its portrait of a chorus of senior citizens who sing contemporary rock songs."
‑ Tom Long, Detroit News
"Ya gotta love these guys! How could you NOT love these guys?"
‑ Dan Jardine, Cinemania
"If it...verges on being just slightly patronising at times, that's a quarrel with the filmmakers, not its participants."
‑ Paul Byrnes, Sydney Morning Herald
"Funny, touching and life-affirming."
‑ , FILMINK (Australia)
"A more genuinely sweet and uplifting documentary I have not seen in quite a while."
‑ Eric D. Snider,
"What makes Young@Heart such an ingratiating experience goes far deeper than the novelty of seeing old people singing hard rock tunes."
‑ Rene Rodriguez, Miami Herald
"This film shows the triumph of the human spirit and the strength of will."
‑ Kevin Carr, 7M Pictures
"It's a pity that director Stephen Walker, who also narrates, imposes so much of himself on the material, asking at times the most insensitive questions."
‑ David Stratton, The Australian
"As an interviewer Walker is habitually condescending and sometimes downright inane..."
‑ Jake Wilson, The Age (Australia)
"Young@Heart is nothing less than an ode to joy."
‑ Roger Moore, Orlando Sentinel
"In many ways, this serious side of Young@Heart is what ultimately makes the film memorable."
‑ Tom Horgen, Minneapolis Star Tribune
"Despite the director's smarmy narration and interviews, the bemused equanimity of these folks who've seen it all could inspire each of us to what "we can can" do as we age."
‑ Nora Lee Mandel,
"Develops into a poignant reflection on community, mortality and how we all need to stop and smell the roses. Recommended."
‑ Jason Di Rosso, MovieTime, ABC Radio National
"The wonderful members of the choir, truly young at heart, overcome the occasional clumsiness of the filmmaker and you come away from this film feeling genuinely uplifted."
‑ David Stratton, At the Movies (Australia)
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