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Throughout history, tales of chivalry have burnished the legends of brave, handsome knights who rescue fair damsels, slay dragons and conquer evil. But behind many a hero is a good-for-nothing younger brother trying just to stay out of the way of those dragons, evil and trouble in general. Danny McBride and James Franco team up for an epic comedy adventure set in a fantastical world--Your Highness. As two princes on a daring mission to save their land, they must rescue the heir apparent's fiancée before their kingdom is destroyed. Thadeous (McBride) has spent his life watching his perfect… More

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Rotten Tomatoes Score: 27%

Critic Reviews from Rotten Tomatoes

"Dudes, we get it."
‑ Rafer Guzman, Newsday
"This film looks like it was a lot more fun to make than it is to watch."
‑ Tom Long, Detroit News
"The only saving grace of this film is the cast, which includes some fantastic actors, slumming it for a paycheck."
‑ Kevin Carr, 7M Pictures
"Your Highness hits more than it misses but the effort is substantially lacking, which particularly unexpected considering the gifted people involved."
‑ Benjo Colautti, We Got This Covered
"It's time for Green to make one of the moody, downbeat, haunting indie dramas with which he initially made a name for himself."
‑ Michael Dequina,
"With McBride and Franco trying on knowingly bad Brit accents and the entire cast clearly having a whale of a time, the impression is of the world's daftest, priciest, least self-serious end-of-the-pier panto."
‑ Tom Huddleston, Time Out
"None of this is very funny, and most of it is pretty ugly - the last half-hour or so is a paroxysm of bad special effects, amputated limbs and a severed sexual organ."
‑ Stephen Whitty, Newark Star-Ledger
"This is teenage junk trash rendered lovingly. I see no problem with that. And if I ever kill a minotaur, I know what I'm taking as a trophy."
‑ Will Leitch, Deadspin
"Quite a comedown and a buzz kill, after "Pineapple Express.""
‑ Roger Moore, McClatchy-Tribune News Service
"If Green wanted to make an awesome fantasy film, he should have, and if he wanted to make a great stoner comedy, well, he already did once."
‑ John Gholson, Cinematical
"Sword and sorcery movies often resemble parodies of themselves even when they are intended to be taken seriously. And then there are genre spoofs like Your Highness that are meant to be funny and leave you stone-faced."
‑ Peter Rainer, Christian Science Monitor
"Basically, the script, from the title on down, feels like something sketched out on rolling papers."
‑ Liam Lacey, Globe and Mail
"Your Highness never sacrifices its cheerful, one-thing-after-another absurdity, or its inability to take itself even remotely seriously."
‑ Scott Foundas, Film Comment Magazine
"Director David Gordon Green and writers Danny McBride and Ben Best have put together a completely unfunny film filled to the brim with non-stop sexual references and other bits of lowbrow humor."
‑ Jeff Beck,
"A surprisingly boring throwback to '80s fantasy, with a disgusting amount of potty humor, violence and foul language tossed in to generate the shallowest of laughs."
‑ R. L. Shaffer, IGN DVD
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