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Two Great Brands

Flixster began as a social networking site for people who love movies. We launched successful apps on Facebook and the iPhone and then expanded to to other web, mobile and TV platforms. A few years later, we acquired Rotten Tomatoes, giving those movie-lovers access to critical opinions and editorial insight. Today, users can find movies they want to see, watch them, and store them, all in their Flixster account. Together, our two brands provide everything a movie-lover could desire.

Helping Each Other Grow

Working at Flixster isn't just about building amazing products. It's about learning from each other's expertise, gaining experience in new arenas, and meeting new challenges together. We have extensive knowledge of our code base to draw on, and employees who care more about creating great products than about stroking their egos.

Our Mission

We believe that people do their best work when they're supported, challenged, and held accountable for what they do. That's why we encourage everyone to have open, honest communication about what's working, what isn't, and what needs to happen next. Teamwork is the rule rather than the exception, and everyone's voice counts.

Part of the WB Family

The best of being a start-up, with the security of corporate backing. Warner Bros. provides us with top-notch health and retirement benefits, and the latitude for big product goals, while our start-up working environment gives us the space to be innovative, fast-paced and nimble every day.

Working at Flixster

Engineering & QA

Our engineers are among the brightest, most self-motivated, and most approachable out there. Experienced developers are great sounding boards for fresh-from-college engineers, creating close-knit teams where everyone knows one another and has the opportunity - and the expectation - to contribute. Our management team's strong technical background ensures that we continually tackle new, complex projects that touch millions of users.

Product & Design

A small, talented team of product managers and designers wrangle our product roadmap, taking glimmers of ideas to full-blown products that millions of people use on our web, mobile and game console applications. Autonomy and accountability are key for these individuals, who take full ownership of the products they shape, collaborating closely with our all-star engineers to make the future happen now.


A small but vital group of people create the voice of Rotten Tomatoes, online and on the airwaves. From interviews to countdowns, from photo galleries to awards season coverage, our editors get and give the scoop on what's happening in the movie industry. And, they're the keepers of the Tomatometer, which thousands of users rely on to know if a movie's worth seeing, or worth skipping.

Sales & Administration

Based across the country, from New York to LA, our salespeople get the word out, ensuring that brand names - big and small - know about Flixster, and take advantage of the opportunity to advertise on our platforms. With the help of our sales support teams, they create never-before-seen advertising campaigns, and ensure every client is satisfied. Meanwhile, our San Francisco-based administrative team makes sure that customers' concerns are addressed, revenue and expenses are accounted for, and everyone gets paid.


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