Adolphe Menjou

Feb 18, 1890

Bio: Debonair and sophisticated, Adolphe Menjou was an impeccably-dressed lead actor with a waxed black mustache. At age 21 he moved to New York with no intention of becoming an actor; three years later he drifted into films as an extra, then got some larger roles before serving as a captain in the Ambulance Corps for three years in World War I. Back in the U.S. Menjou… More


Adolphe Menjou Videos

Paths Of Glory
3 minutes 19 seconds
One In A Million: Ice Skating
2 minutes 54 seconds
Bundle Of Joy
2 minutes 16 seconds
The Sniper (English Trailer 1)
2 minutes 15 seconds
The Tall Target
29 seconds

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