Bill Engvall

Jul 27, 1957
Galveston, Texas, USA

Bio: If ever there were a comic geared to one particular demographic, Bill Engvall is he. Hailed by many fans as one of the true protgs of Jeff Foxworthy (with whom he has often performed), Engvall caters to fans of "redneck comedy" -- one-liners and anecdotes about pickup trucks, beer guzzling, tailgating, deer hunting, and assorted acts of blue-collar mayhem. Oddly,… More


Bill Engvall Videos

Bed & Breakfast
2 minutes 4 seconds
All's Faire In Love
1 minutes 55 seconds
Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!
2 minutes 44 seconds
Bait Shop
2 minutes 37 seconds

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