Bolo Yeung

Jul 3, 1938
Guangzhou, China

Bio: Actor Bolo Yeung was a martial arts student of the legendary Bruce Lee. Yeung appeared as a heavy in the classic Enter the Dragon (1973) and has portrayed many similar characters since, including a performance in Bloodsport (1987), the Jean-Claude Van Damme film that revitalized martial arts films in the U.S. In his youth, Yeung was a competitive bodybuilding… More


Bolo Yeung Videos

Double Impact
2 minutes 41 seconds
Tattoo Connection
3 minutes 37 seconds
Deadly Duo: Half A Million Bucks
3 minutes 18 seconds
Fist Of Legends 2
2 minutes 4 seconds
Shootfighter 2
2 minutes 25 seconds

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