Gregory Hlady

Dec 4, 1954
Khorostkov, Ternopol province, Soviet Union [now Ternopil province, Ukraine]

Bio: Born in the picturesque Ternopil region of Ukraine, Gregory Hlady (HryhoriiHladiy), moved from Lviv to Kyiv upon completing high school and graduatedfrom the Karpenko-Karyi Theater Institute with a degree in acting andcinema. Impelled by an interest in directing, he enrolled in the directors'program at the State Institute of Theatre Arts in Moscow, where he… More


Gregory Hlady Videos

The Red Violin
2 minutes 26 seconds
The Assignment
2 minutes 27 seconds
X-Men: Days Of Future Past
2 minutes 13 seconds
The Sum Of All Fears
2 minutes 23 seconds
The Forbidden Room
2 minutes 16 seconds

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