Hedy Lamarr

Nov 9, 1914
Vienna, Austria-Hungary

Bio: The daughter of a Vienesse banker, Hedy Lamarr began her acting career at 16 under the tutelage of German impresario Max Reinhardt. She began appearing in German films in 1930, but garnered little attention until her star turn in Czech director Gustav Machaty's Extase (Ecstasy) in 1933. It wasn't just because Lamarr appeared briefly in the nude; Extase was filled… More


Hedy Lamarr Videos

Samson And Delilah
2 minutes 10 seconds
The Conspirators
3 minutes 41 seconds
30 seconds
That's Entertainment! III
1 minutes 28 seconds
Instant Karma
4 minutes 51 seconds

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