Jim Metzler

Jun 23, 1951
Oneonta, New York, USA

Bio: Jim Metzler has appeared on stage since the 1970s, and in films from 1981's Four Friends. Bright, handsome and possessed of above-average talent, Metzler has proven a valuable asset to such so-so films as 976 Evil (1988) and Circuitry Man (1990). The actor has been offered better opportunities on TV; he was top billed as Dr. Andy Fenton in the 1983 series Cutter to… More


Jim Metzler Videos

L.A. Confidential
2 minutes 14 seconds
The United States Of Leland
2 minutes 16 seconds
Hot To Trot
1 minutes 26 seconds
Megiddo: Omega Code 2
2 minutes 37 seconds
Wiener Dog Nationals
2 minutes 59 seconds

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