Jim Metzler

Jun 23, 1951
Oneonta, New York, USA


Jim Metzler has appeared on stage since the 1970s, and in films from 1981's Four Friends. Bright, handsome and possessed of above-average talent, Metzler has proven a valuable asset to such so-so films as 976 Evil (1988) and Circuitry Man (1990). The actor has been offered better opportunities on TV; he was top billed as Dr. Andy Fenton in the 1983… More


Jim Metzler Videos

L.A. Confidential
2 minutes 14 seconds
The United States Of Leland
2 minutes 16 seconds
Hot To Trot
1 minutes 26 seconds
Megiddo: Omega Code 2
2 minutes 37 seconds
Wiener Dog Nationals
2 minutes 59 seconds

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