Katy Jurado

Jan 16, 1924
Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

Bio: A leading lady of Mexican cinema, Katy Jurado also found fame in Hollywood in the 1950s as a sultry supporting actress in such films as High Noon (1952) and Broken Lance (1954). Rather than abandoning her native country, however, Jurado remained a star of Mexican film as well as an esteemed character actress north and south of the border until she retired from… More


Katy Jurado Videos

Pat Garrett And Billy The Kid
3 minutes 17 seconds
The Hi-Lo Country
2 minutes 41 seconds
The Fearmaker
1 minutes 46 seconds
Stay Away, Joe
3 minutes 33 seconds
Barabbas: They're Mad
1 minutes 21 seconds

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