Lela Rochon

Apr 17, 1964
Los Angeles, California, USA

Bio: Actress Lela Rochon started her career in show business as a bikini-clad party girl in Spuds MacKenzie beer commercials during the '80s. A trained dancer, she was in the background of Breakin', Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo, and Lionel Richie's music video for "All Night Long." In 1985, she starred in her first feature, A Bunny's Tale, a TV-movie starring Kirstie… More


Lela Rochon Videos

Brooklyn's Finest
3 minutes 31 seconds
Any Given Sunday
2 minutes 25 seconds
First Daughter
2 minutes 21 seconds
Knock Off
2 minutes 46 seconds
The Big Hit
3 minutes 35 seconds

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