Louis Mercier

Mar 7, 1901

Bio: French character actor Louis Mercier was in American films from 1929's Tiger Rose until well into the 1970s. Mercier was particularly busy at 20th Century-Fox's "B"-picture unit in the 1930s and 1940s, usually cast as detectives and magistrates. He can be seen fleetingly in Casablanca (1942) as a smuggler in the first "Rick's Café Americain" sequence. Louis… More


Louis Mercier Videos

To Catch A Thief
2 minutes 16 seconds
An Affair To Remember
1 minutes 39 seconds
The Man Who Knew Too Much
1 minutes 34 seconds
The Conspirators
3 minutes 41 seconds
The Other Side Of Midnight
1 minutes 6 seconds

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