Robert Mulligan

Aug 23, 1925

Bio: A television director by the mid '50s, Mulligan made his theatrical-feature debut in 1957 with the biopic of baseball player Jimmy Piersall, Fear Strikes Out, produced by Alan J. Pakula. He helmed a series of admired dramas for Pakula: To Kill a Mockingbird, Love With the Proper Stranger, Baby the Rain Must Fall, Inside Daisy Clover, Up the Down Staircase, The… More


Robert Mulligan Videos

To Kill A Mockingbird
1 minutes 28 seconds
The Man In The Moon
3 minutes 3 seconds
The Pursuit Of Happiness
2 minutes 27 seconds
Clara's Heart
1 minutes 26 seconds
Bloodbrothers Clip
3 minutes 46 seconds

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