Scott McNeil

Sep 15, 1962
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Bio: A Vancouver, BC, voice-actor. Provides a large number (and range) of voices for manyJapanese anime series, and several Canadian-made productions. Notable roles includeDinobot, Rattrap, Silverbolt, and Waspinator in Beast Wars, Piccolo and Majin Buu inthe Canadian dub of Dragon Ball Z, Koga in InuYasha, and Duo Maxwell in Mobile SuitGundam Wing.


Scott McNeil Videos

Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed
1 minutes 58 seconds
The Princess Twins Of Legendale
1 minutes 23 seconds
Care Bears: Oopsy Does It!
1 minutes 43 seconds
Kong: King Of Atlantis
2 minutes 35 seconds

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