Tina Majorino

Feb 7, 1985
Westlake, California, USA

Bio: From her memorable role in the made-for-television Alice in Wonderland (1999) to feature roles in Waterworld (1995) and Andre (1994), Tina Majorino has made a lasting impression in television and film with her youthful glow. Born Albertina Marie Majorino in Westlake, CA, in 1985, Majorino began her career as an actress in a series of television commercials. Soon… More


Tina Majorino Videos

Napoleon Dynamite
1 minutes 10 seconds
What We Do Is Secret
2 minutes 42 seconds
Alice In Wonderland
2 minutes 43 seconds
Corrina, Corrina
3 minutes 41 seconds
True Women
1 minutes 29 seconds

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