Anh Hung Tran

Dec 23, 1962
Danan, Vietnam

Bio: This resourceful young Vietnam-born, Parisian-bred filmmaker recreated an airy bourgeois home, set in 1951 Saigon, on a French soundstage for his debut feature "The Scent of Green Papaya" (1993). Opting for a cinema that boldly flaunts its artificiality, Tran told a simple but sensual fable of a young girl who comes to work as a servant for a well-to-do Vietnamese… More


Anh Hung Tran Videos

Norwegian Wood
2 minutes 47 seconds
I Come With The Rain (Uk)
2 minutes 44 seconds
The Vertical Ray Of The Sun
2 minutes 36 seconds
The Scent Of Green Papaya
2 minutes 34 seconds

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