Wilfred Lawson

Bio: A stage actor from the age of 16, Briton Wilfrid Lawson made his film debut in the 1931 comedy East Lynne on the Western Front. Lawson was unforgettable as Alfred P. Doolittle ("I'm one of the undeserving poor...and I means to go on being undeserving") in Pygmalion (1938), no less impressive in the title role in The Great Mr. Handel (1942), and exquisitely… More


Wilfred Lawson Videos

The Naked Truth
3 minutes 49 seconds
Alice In Wonderland: Drink Me
2 minutes 5 seconds
Tread Softly Stranger
1 minutes 26 seconds
Tom Jones
3 minutes 51 seconds
Hell Drivers
2 minutes 35 seconds

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