A Soldier's Story II: Return From the Dead

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Regina (Linda Ejiofor, Knockout Blessing) asks her friend, Zaya (Somkele Iyamah-Idhalama, "The Expanse"), to look after her younger brother in Watz Republic, while she travels with her fiancée, Major Egan (Tope Tedela, King Invincible), to Nigeria. Still affected by the recent war, Zaya and the other villagers try to begin the process of healing when an American company unexpectedly takes over following the discovery of crude oil in the Watz Republic. While traveling through Nigeria, Regina and Major Egan escape an assassination attempt and try to return home to rescue their friends and family before war, once again, consumes them all. When conspiracies run deeper than expected, they find themselves in a complicated mission to survive. This is a soldier's story.
Directed By:
Frankie Ogar
Running Time:
1 hr 34 min
Release Date:
June 18, 2021


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