Breaking the Loop

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Breaking the Loop finds Bo (Joel Moody) enchanted by visions in the fire of his dead ex-girlfriend, Candice, as the invention of a wormhole strikes news headlines. Jason (Antuone Torbert), a Black Ops off duty soldier and Savannah (Stephanie Ard), provide solace for Bo during hard times. Faced with the reality of Candice being gone, Bo falls into darkness, until one night he is woken to find himself dead, gut shot. After examining the body, he finds a camera with vlog footage revealing the location of a wormhole at Pecos Pond and the dangers for anyone who travels through. Soon after, Bo drags a BMX ramp to the water's edge at Pecos Pond and eyes the jump into the wormhole. Towed on his BMX bike, racing to jump back in time and armed with a camera, Bo must save Candice, avoid universal disaster and try to stay alive.
Directed By:
Joel Moody
Running Time:
1 hr 31 min


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