Color Me Blood Red
Color Me Blood Red (1964)

The third film in cult director Herschell Gordon Lewis' infamous "Gore Trilogy," this overwrought horror film is one of many inferior derivations of Roger Corman's classic A Bucket of Blood (1959). Don Joseph stars as Adam… More

Rated: Unrated
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DVD Release Date: February 22, 2000
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Aj V
I was disappointed at the amount of blood in this movie, I really expected more. And I was wondering, wouldn't his painting stink after while? And then… More
Patrick Dolan
There's something just beautiful about HGL's exploitation. And I owe so much the Something Weird Video for allowing the world to see his brilliance.
Cassandra Maples
Colour Me Blood Red is pretty much the typical Herschell Gordon Lewis film. In Blood Feast, a man killed people to create a feast; in The Wizard of Gore, a man… More
Emily B.
Too slow and not enough gore to be as good as Blood Feast but it still has some fun moments, including anytime the crazy beatnik couple are onscreen. 'Dig… More