Doodlebug (1997)

The depths of insanity are explored by a man chasing something in his apartment with a shoe.

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Flixster User Reviews
Albert Kim
"Doodlebug" is a prime example of why Nolan is an innovative storyteller. With an interesting premise and a short running-time, Nolan successfully… More
Marcus Woolcott
Very short, but very sweet.
Eduardo Tobias
This was the start of Christopher Nolan's career and back then he was good. This has to be the best short film ever. It was quirky and mind blowing.… More
Marion Ravenwood
Pretty predictable, but I am not sure if that is fair to say since this film was only three minutes long. Still enjoyable.
Bryce Iwaschuk
It might only be 3 minutes long, but Christopher Nolan is a genius visionary, and filmmaker. And this short film proves no exception, with it's unique… More