Let the Canary Sing

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, 92% Audience Score
  • Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    One thing I've learned after watching years and years of biographical documentaries about the "rich and famous" is that being a celebrity doesn't necessarily mean you're interesting. Thankfully, Lauper has not only had a decades-long multi-faceted career with extraordinary ups and downs, but she is a dynamite conversationalist, and I could have listened to her talk for hours and hours. She comes across as thoughtful and intelligent and very empathetic. And hers is a story that doesn't necessarily fall into the cliched trope we have all come to expect - childhood tragedy, substance abuse, big comeback, unexpected death... This is a story more about talent, drive and ambition than overcoming obstacles, although she definitely had a few. Lauper was my favorite of the singers that emerged from the mid-80s, and this film does a fantastic job of reminding us what a terrific voice she has - and how varied a career. It made me think of the negativity hurled toward Beyonce recently for her country album. Lauper clearly states that her goal was to follow her heart and try out different genres and types of music. This should be applauded, not dismissed. This is certainly one of the best celebrity documentaries of recent years, and it made me come to appreciate Lauper even more than I had before. - Jeff Marshall, Movie Blogger on Facebook