Neighbor (2009)

Neighbor cleverly flips the gender roles of classic exploitation cinema staples, giving us a lone woman who terrorises a series of mostly very frightened and defenceless men. Love thy neighbour? Depends on where your pain threshold lies. If… More

Rated: R
Running Time:
DVD Release Date: July 27, 2010
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Flixster User Reviews
JY Skacto
<i>Neighbor</i>, from Robert A. Masciantonio, excels on too few levels to be successful.<p>The film runs under 90 minutes, but with a paper… More
Deb S
"You've no idea where I've been". I personally am not a huge fan of the "torture porn" genre as it stands and this movie is… More
Japes .
Though the blood and gore were very realistic, and the acting was pretty decent, that still doesn't make up for the shitty writing and useless plot. Some… More
Christopher Haskell
The Neighbor is a glorified gore medley, trying viciously too hard to compare to the likes of Hostel and the Saw franchise. Without a comprehensible plot and… More
jd cryptic
A little nasty and extreme low budget creeper. This movie is brutal. Loads of disgusting bloody torture, I don't get how this didn't receive an… More
John Me
Interesting premise, but horribly done. Gorehounds can check it just for the very explicit torture scenes, otherwise, skip it>>>>