Spirit Quest

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Tip is in the midst of a breakup and must, for the first time in his life, take a real hard look at who he is becoming. Naturally, Tip asks one of oldest friends, Brent, to take him out to the desert to trip on 'shrooms. As a self-proclaimed Spirit Guide and veteran of hallucinogens, Brent encourages Tip to be open to alternate realities and explore the unknown. They quickly find themselves stranded in the middle of nowhere and are faced with the decision to either turn back or go deeper into the desert. Tip's psychedelic journey, with Brent as his guide, helps both of them come to realize that this Spirit Quest was one they were destined to take because only by answering the call, facing their own fears & self-doubts, and struggling with past pain and suffering, can they possibly learn to live in the present... and maybe even do it with a sense of humor.
Directed By:
Brent Lydic
Running Time:
1 hr 26 min


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