Adam Wingard

Adam Wingard was an American film director who was best known for helming the cult horror classics "Pop Skull" (2007), "Autoerotic" (2011), and "The Guest" (2014). Born in Tennessee and raised in Alabama, Wingard's love of movies began when he was barely out of diapers. He had a particular fondness for horror movies and by his late teens Wingard was already making his own DIY horror films. At the age of 19 Wingard directed his first feature, the slasher comedy "Home Sick," which was made for next to nothing. Wingard learned a lot about the basics of filmmaking while helming the movie, and thus, was better equipped with filmmaking know-how as he approached his follow-up project. That film was 2007's "Pop Skull," which Wingard made for a micro-budget of $2,000. The film got Wingard noticed among the horror film community's passionate fans, who in turn marked Wingard as a promising young horror director to watch. Over the next several years Wingard's directing profile would continue to rise, as he directed a number of popular horror films at a seemingly furious pace. These films included "A Horrible Way to Die" (2010), "Autoerotic", "What Fun We're Having" (2011), "You're Next" (2011), and "The Guest" (2014). Then in 2016 Wingard broke out into the mainstream by helming "Blair Witch" (2016). That film, which was produced by Lionsgate, was a sequel to the immensely popular found footage classic "The Blair With Project" (1999), and was a success at the box office, thus broadening Wingard's appeal for a mainstream movie audience. With the success of "Blair Witch," Wingard became a hot directing commodity seemingly overnight, and was subsequently hired by Warner Bros. to direct their tent-pole monster movie "Godzilla vs. Kong" (2020). Warner Bros. made the announcement of Wingard's hiring in May of 2017.