Adelina Anthony

Originally from San Antonio, Texas, actress, producer and director Adelina Anthony received a B.A. in drama upon graduating from the University of Dallas. She continued her education at Stanford University where she received a M.A. in Drama. Anthony made her acting debut in 1996, in an episode of "Walker, Texas Ranger" (CBS, 1993-2001). She next appeared in the short film "Holy Tortilla" in 1998. Her next appearance was also in a short film, "Lost Angeles" (2004). She appeared in "The One-Wayz", another short film, in 2009. In 2012 Anthony was cast in the short film "Almost There", as Ruby. The next year, Anthony wrote, produced and directed the short film "Forgiving Heart", starring Rosa Barron. That same year she wrote the short film "You're Dead to Me". In 2015 Anthony appeared in the short film "Miracle Maker". In 2016 Anthony wrote, directed, produced and acted in "Bruising for Besos", a drama about a charismatic lesbian who seduces another woman only to discover that she is reliving her past. The next year, Anthony wrote and directed a short film called "Amigas with Benefits" about the wedding of an elderly lesbian couple.