Aisha Dee

Australian actress Aisha Dee found fame on the other side of the world with recurring roles in sitcoms "I Hate My Teenage Daughter" (Fox, 2011-12), coming of age drama "Chasing Life" (ABC Family, 2014-15) and vigilante thriller "Sweet/Vicious" (MTV, 2016-17). Born on the Gold Coast in 1993, Dee made her screen debut in 2008 playing wealthy teenage rider Desiree Biggins in the third season of popular children's TV series "The Saddle Club" (ABC TV, 2001-09), also contributing to two of its many hit soundtracks. A year later she appeared in her first American production, the UFO-themed sci-fi TV movie, "Skyrunners" (Disney XD, 2009), before landing the role of manipulative mean girl Christine in the kids' supernatural fantasy "Dead Gorgeous" (ABC1, 2010). Dee then moved to Los Angeles permanently when she was cast as another Queen Bee-type character, Mackenzie Miller, in the short-lived sitcom, "I Hate My Teenage Daughter" (Fox, 2011-12). Following a two-episode stint as Skye's housemate Tasha in the sci-fi drama "Terra Nova" (Fox, 2011), Dee bagged the supporting role of lead April's best friend Beth Kingston in the cancer-themed "Chasing Life" (ABC Family, 2014-15), guested as Tucker's ex-girlfriend Olivia on family comedy "Baby Daddy" (Freeform, 2012-17) and released an eponymous EP as the frontwoman of Dee Dee and the Beagles. Dee then played sorority sister Kennedy in the controversial rape revenge teen drama "Sweet/Vicious" (2016-17) and newly-promoted social media director Kat in the Cosmopolitan magazine-inspired drama, "The Bold Type" (Freeform, 2017-). She then made her first venture into the horror genre to play Jules in "The No-End House," the second season of creepypasta-inspired anthology, "Channel Zero" (Syfy, 2016-).