Alec Rayme

Alec Rayme rose to fame as an actor, gracing the silver screen many times over the course of his Hollywood career. Rayme worked on a variety of projects during his early entertainment career, including "12 Rounds" (2009) starring John Cena, "Death Toll" with Lou Diamond Phillips (2008) and "Father of Invention" (2011). He also contributed to the Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively smash hit "Green Lantern" (2011), "Red" (2010) and "The Walking Dead" (AMC, 2010-). In the 2010s, Rayme devoted his time to various credits, such as "The Mechanic" with Jason Statham (2011), "Battleship" (2012) starring Taylor Kitsch and "The Lucky One" with Zac Efron (2012). Film continued to be his passion as he played roles in "Escape Plan" (2013), the Jake M. Johnson action movie "Let's Be Cops" (2014) and the dramatic adaptation "Left Behind" (2014) with Nicolas Cage. Most recently, Rayme acted in the Anna Kendrick action film "Mr. Right" (2016).