Ali Suliman

With his on-screen intensity and undeniable charisma, Ali Suliman became one of the most successful Arab-Israeli actors to break into the world of English-language film and TV. Born in Nazareth in 1977, Suliman graduated from Tel Aviv's SELA - The Performing Arts Studio in 2000, and spent some time performing fairly unconventional theater as a member of London's Commedia Dell'Arte, a masked theatre group. Suliman would eventually resettle in Haifa, Israel where he landed his first few film roles in "The Barbecue People" (2003) and "The Syrian Bride" (2004). It was his performance as a suicide bomber in the festival favorite "Paradise Now" (2005) however, that would prove to be Suliman's breakout role. By 2007, Suliman was appearing alongside Jamie Foxx in the action thriller "The Kingdom" (2007). The very next year, he worked with legendary director Ridley Scott in the acclaimed film "Body of Lies" (2008). After a heartbreaking performance in the Lebanese drama "The Attack" (2012), Suliman returned to American cinema with a memorable turn in the wartime biopic "Lone Survivor" (2013). Eventually, Suliman would find a home in TV projects as well, co-starring in the miniseries "The Looming Tower" (Hulu, 2018) and taking on the role of Suleiman on the politically-tinged action series "Jack Ryan" (Amazon, 2018-).