Alma Martinez

Alma Martinez was an accomplished actress who appeared in a variety of films throughout her Hollywood career. Martinez began her acting career in film, appearing in such titles as "Zoot Suit" (1981), the Willie Nelson western "Barbarosa" (1982) and the Cheech Marin comedy adventure "Born in East L.A." (1987). She appeared in a number of television specials, including "Seguin" (PBS, 1981-82) and "Scamps" (NBC, 1981-82). She continued to act in productions like the horror feature "Dolly Dearest" (1992) with Denise Crosby and the Abraham Alvarez documentary "The Panama Deception" (1992). Her work around this time also included a part on the TV movie "The Boys" (ABC, 1990-91). Martinez had a number of different projects under her belt in the nineties through the 2010s, including "500 Nations" (CBS, 1994-95), "Crossing Over" (2009) and "Not Forgotten" (2009). Her credits also expanded to "Machete" with Danny Trejo (2010). Martinez most recently acted in "Cake" (2014).