Amaury Nolasco

Amaury Nolasco was a pre-med student in his native country of Puerto Rico when, after being recruited by a director for a commercial role, he decided to relocate to New York to pursue acting. After enrolling at the American British Dramatic Arts School, he landed a guest role on the HBO sitcom "Arli$$." Nolasco's chiseled good looks and obvious Latino background made him an easy choice for gritty urban roles and baseball movies--he followed "Arli$$" with walk-on parts in "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," "ER," and "CSI: NY." He was also a regular cast member on the Fox series "Prison Break." While primarily sticking to action films like "2 Fast 2 Furious" and "Transformers," Nolasco has also had the opportunity to dabble in comedy. He worked with Bernie Mac in "Mr. 3000" and Rob Schneider and David Spade in "The Benchwarmers." He was invited to reprise the character of Fig in the sequel to "Transformers," but had already committed to the police drama series "Southland" and "Chase." By 2011, Nolasco's star was on the rise, as he received high billing in the film adaptation of Hunter S. Thompson's novel "The Rum Diary" alongside stars Johnny Depp and Aaron Eckhart. The following year, Nolasco starred in the controversial cross-dressing sitcom "Work It," playing a man forced to masquerade as a woman to get a job. The show drew ire from LGBT groups and was cancelled after just two episodes.