Anders Holm

Anders Holm was a writer, actor and producer best known as one of the three co-creators of the comedy series "Workaholics" (Comedy Central 2011-17) alongside his co-stars Blake Anderson and Adam DeVine. In the series Holm played Anders 'Ders' Holmvik, the most straight-edge but naïve of the slacker telemarketing operatives at the heart of the show. Holm's other major onscreen role came as Casey Peerson, the Christian minister who won Dr. Mindy Lahiri's heart on "The Mindy Project" (Fox/Hulu 2012-17), a recurring guest spot which became a cult favourite element of the show. Born and raised in Evanston, Illinois, Holm attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison, then moved to Los Angeles. Originally intent on being a writer, Holm ended up working in telesales and in a clothing store on Rodeo Drive, until he, Anderson and DeVine's Mail Order Comedy troupe began to appear around the city and on television. It was this exposure which would eventually lead to "Workaholics." Holm also wrote and performed for the screen away from his co-stars, including a guest spot on an episode of the revival of "Arrested Development" (Netflix 2013) and a small part in the Seth Rogen hit "Neighbors" (2014).