Anders Thomas Jensen

A member of the iconoclastic Danish cinema movement Dogme 95, screenwriter and director Anders Thomas Jensen has been making films since his youth. He wrote two short films in 1996, "Restless Heart" and the Oscar-nominated "Ernst & Iyset," and directed the latter with his frequent collaborator, Tomas Villum Jensen. His second directing effort, "Wolfgang," was nominated for an Oscar in 1998 for Best Short Film - Live Action, an award he finally won in 1999 for "Election Night." Writing feature-length films for other directors, Jensen penned the Danish hits "Mifune's Last Song" and "In China They Eat Dogs" in 1999, both of which were nominated for several festival awards. After writing the award-winning movie "Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself" with director Lone Sherfig, Jensen returned to directing in 2003 with the dark comedy "The Green Butchers." He then wrote and directed "Adam's Apples" and wrote "Brothers" (remade in the United States in 2009), earning Best Screenplay nominations for both. He teamed again with Susanne Bier--with whom he had previously written "Brothers"--in 2006 on the Oscar-nominated "After the Wedding."