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Andy Muschietti

Writer and director Andres Muschietti's career began when he worked as an assistant director on the Argentinean short film "Pictures of the Soul" in 1995. The movie showed the tragedy of AIDS in a young family. Following his work on this short, he was staffed as an on-set production assistant on the famed film adaptation of the musical "Evita" (1996), starring Madonna and Antonio Banderas. After his work on "Evita," Muschietti wrote and directed the short film "Nostalgia en la mesa 8." He followed this effort up with work as a second assistant director for the Argentinian comedy "A Night with Sabrina Love," about a young boy who travels from the Argentinian countryside to Buenos Aires in hopes of spending the night with a famous porn star. In 2013 Muschietti developed a short he had written and directed in 2008, called "Mama," into a feature. The film was a horror movie telling the story of a couple who are tasked with raising two of the husband's nieces who had been abandoned and left alone to live in the forest for 5 years.
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