Antti J. Jokinen

Antti Jokinen likes keeping busy: he's directed music videos for pop stars like Celine Dion and Kelly Clarkson, produced several Finnish TV documentaries, and written the Hollywood psycho-thriller "The Resident." Jokinen, who grew up making home movies, moved to the United States to attend college and enrolled in the film program at East Carolina University. After moving back to Finland in the mid-'90s, Jokinen became a jack-of-all-trades: he served as a staff writer on the short-lived TV drama "Tahtilampun alla"; designed the title graphics for "Trabant Express," a primetime comedy about two East German news reporters; and wrote and edited an hour-long television documentary on bioterrorism. Although he made a name for himself in the early 2000s as a music video and TV commercial director, Jokinen continued to produce films like "Me and Morrison," about a failing relationship, and "Bad Boys," centered on four desperate brothers. In 2005 he wrote and produced the quickly-canceled "Avec Sara," a weekly cooking and lifestyle series hosted by his-then girlfriend, chef Sara La Fountain. Since then he's directed the opening segment of the hugely popular reality singing competition "The Eurovision Song Contest" and written and directed "The Resident," starring Oscar-winning actress Hilary Swank as a doctor who suspects her landlord is stalking her.