Arian Moayed

Arian Moayed can trace his acting career back to when he was ten years old. At the beginning of his acting career, Moayed appeared in various dramas like "Law & Order" (NBC, 1990-2010), "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" (NBC, 1999-) and "Six Degrees" (ABC, 2006-07). Moayed started in the industry by acting in films like "The Christians" (2008). He continued to work steadily in television dramas throughout the early 2000s and the 2010s, appearing on "White Collar" (USA, 2009-2014), "Elementary" (CBS, 2012-) and "The Following" (Fox, 2012-15). He also appeared in "Believe" (NBC, 2013-14). He also worked in film during these years, including a part on the drama "Roadie" (2012) with Ron Eldard. More recently, he tackled roles on "The Black Box" (ABC, 2013-14) and "The Blacklist" (NBC, 2013-). Moayed focused on film in more recent years, appearing in "Rosewater" (2014) with Gael García Bernal and "Appropriate Behavior" (2015) with Desiree Akhavan. Moayed most recently acted in "Rumperbutts" (2015).