Aries Spears

A high-energy comedic actor who had hit the big time with regular series work, movie roles and a successful stand-up career before age twenty-five, affable African-American performer Aries Spears started off at age fourteen and has been working hard, climbing the ladder of success ever since. Spears made his TV debut doing stand-up on the popular HBO series "Def Comedy Jam" at age sixteen. The following year he moved to Los Angeles and was cast in a small role as a thug, making his feature film debut in the comedy "Home of Angels" (1993). In 1993, Spears was featured in episodes of the NBC sitcom "A Different World," hardly old enough himself to attend the college at which the show was set. He was next cast as Glenn Frey's apprentice sleuth in the short-lived detective series "South of Sunset" (1993-1994, aired on NBC and VH1).