Bart Freundlich

Not content with living life as Mr. Julianne Moore, writer-director Bart Freundlich carved himself a substantial niche as an independent filmmaker. Starting with his first feature, "The Myth of the Fingerprints" (1997), an ambiguous comedy-drama about four children returning to their dysfunctional home for Thanksgiving dinner, Freundlich amassed a resume of disillusioned, but affecting films that have in no way, according to the director, reflected anything in his own life. In contrast, Freundlich's life was fruitful, particularly in regards to his relationship with Moore, with whom he became romantic after he cast her in "Fingerprints." Though he has remained for the most part in the indie world, Freundlich had the desire to make studio movies. Despite his desire to branch out into mainstream filmmaking, Freundlich was happy to continue doing what he has done best: making dimensional character-driven dramas in the indie world.