Bart Johnson

Best known as Coach Jack Bolton in the three genial "High School Musical" movies, actor Bart Johnson has broadened his career to include writing and directing. After appearing in a high school production of "West Side Story," Johnson battled his love of sports with his newly discovered attraction to acting. While not giving up on his passions of surfing, skiing and soccer, in 1993 Johnson began performing in small roles in television series including "Clueless" and "Babylon 5," eventually landing a recurring role in "Hyperion Bay" in 1998. In 1999, Johnson married fellow actress Robyn Lively, whose five siblings also act, complementing Johnson's two brothers Adam and Brad, who also work in television and film. Soon after gaining his pilot's license, Johnson started a family with Lively. Leading up to his career-altering role in the first "High School Musical" instalment in 2006, Johnson appeared in various series, including "CSI: Miami" and "JAG." Long a skiing aficionado, in 2006 Johnson purchased a bed and breakfast property in the Utah resort town of Park City and returned there regularly to participate in winter sports, even competing against the United States Freestyle Ski Team. In 2008, the same year of the third "High School Musical," Johnson wrote and directed a short documentary, "6 Bucks and a Bottle," chronicling him and his brothers hitchhiking from Hollywood to Cabo San Lucas in Baja Mexico.