Bear Grylls

A rugged British adventurer and handsome TV host, Bear Grylls grew up immersed in extreme sports and physical activity, encouraged by his aristocratic parents, and served a stint in the British Special Forces after finishing school. Although he broke his back in a parachuting accident in Africa, Grylls recovered and achieved his dream of climbing Mount Everest at age 23, which helped transform him into a media darling. Appearing in commercials and writing best-selling books, the attractive, confident Grylls became a worldwide phenomenon as host of the reality show "Man vs. Wild" (Discovery Channel, 2006-2011), which showcased his ability to survive in various hostile terrains. Although immensely popular, the show and Grylls came under fire when it was revealed certain elements of production were staged or enhanced, casting some doubt on Grylls' survival credentials, which he unwaveringly defended. Nevertheless, Grylls continued his real-life adventures around the globe to benefit various charities, was named the U.K.'s Chief Scout, and hosted the shows "Worst-Case Scenario" (Discovery Channel, 2010), "Bear Grylls: Wild Weekends" (Channel 4, 2011- ) and "Get Out Alive" (NBC, 2013). Celebrated for his questing, good-hearted nature, Bear Grylls not only earned countless fans around the world, but also inspired many would-be adventurers to follow in his courageous footsteps, if only from the comfort of their own living rooms.