Bear McCreary

Bear McCreary is a musician and composer primarily for television. He's most known for his music composing on the hit sci-fi series "Battlestar Gallactica." McCreary was a protégé of the prolific film composer Elmer Bernstein at United StatesC.'s Thornton School of Music. After composing for short films during the first few years of the 2000s, in 2004 McCreary began the run that has thus far been his most ambitious: as the composer, songwriter, and producer for "Battlestar Gallactica," aka "BSG," the re-imagined sci-fi drama originally created in the late '70s. This TV incarnation starred Edward James Olmos and Mary McDonnell, and ran until 2009. McCreary was also the composer for several webisode seasons of the show, which featured entirely different casts. Another big project for McCreary was the sci-fi thriller "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles," a spinoff from the successful movie franchise; McCreary composed music for all 31 episodes over the series' two seasons. Starting in 2006, McCreary began composing, and contributing accordion music, for the successful (if under-the-radar) sci-fi comedy mystery series "Eureka," a show on which his brother, Brendan, contributed guitar work . Other late 2000s McCreary credits include his role as composer for the drama "Trauma" and the action sci-fi drama "Caprica." In 2010, McCreary scored the hit zombie series "The Walking Dead."