Becky G

Becky G, born Rebecca Gomez, grew up a part of a financially struggling family in California in the early 2000s. At a young age, she started working to help out her family, which led to her earliest musical experience at age 12 with the short-lived group G.L.A.M. None of her odd jobs, which included commercial work, led to any notoriety, though. It was when, at the age of 14, Becky G took to YouTube, releasing remixes of popular songs with her own original lyrics on top of the beats. Her covers and remixes went viral, and it led to a deal with Sony Music and eventually singles with artists such as, Wiz Khalifa, and Kesha. In 2013, she released her first album, the EP Play It Again. The singles from the album, "Play It Again" and "Can't Get Enough," were popular among Latin markets but never broke through to the mainstream. She finally broke through with the song "Shower," which debuted in April 2014 and soon went platinum. Throughout the next two years, Becky G regularly released new songs from her yet-to-be-released full-length debut album, gaining a following that led to a variety of Radio Disney and Teen Choice Award recognition. In 2015, her music career started to take a bit of a back seat, as she appeared in a pair of episodes of "Empire" (Fox 2015- ) and was cast as Trini aka the Yellow Ranger in the upcoming "Power Rangers" (2017) film.