Bérénice Bejo

With comparisons to other French stars like Brigitte Bardot and Marion Cotillard, actress Bérénice Béjo was poised to make her mark in American cinema following her revelatory performance in "The Artist" (2011), a throwback to the silent era in which she delivered a brilliant, wordless performance that earned her a great deal of international attention. Prior to her breakout film, Béjo was content to act in France, though she did take her first steps in Hollywood with a supporting role in "A Knights Tale" (2001). She began her professional onscreen career in the 1990s with turns in "Les soeurs Hamlet" ("The Hamlet Sister") (1996) and "Passionnement" (2000), before making her American debut in "A Knights Tale." Back in France, she starred in the tragic drama "Le Grand Role" ("The Grand Role") (2004), the spy farce "OSS 117: Cairo - Nest of Spies" (2008) and the musical comedy "Modern Love" (2008). After appearing in the notable horror thriller, "Prey" (2010), Béjo garnered international attention as an aspiring silent era actress who rises to stardom in "The Artist," a role that earned her several major award nominations - including an Oscar nod - and opened the door to a brighter career.