Bob Costas

Once affectionately referred to as "Sportboy" by then NBC colleague David Letterman, boyishly genial sportscaster Bob Costas transcended his original specialty to become one of TV's more respected interviewers and cultural commentators. Armed with a lively intelligence, gently ironic manner, and a photographic memory, Costas demonstrated the impressive breadth of his interests and insights as host of the late-night interview show, "Later with Bob Costas" (NBC, 1988-1994), as well as providing coverage for the Olympics, beginning with the 1988 Summer Games in Seoul. He seemed equally comfortable with performers, filmmakers, artists, writers and political figures. Costas subsequently became a pundit of sorts, appearing on such forums as "Meet the Press" (NBC, 1947-2009), "Today" (NBC, 1951- ), and "Nightline" (ABC, 1979- ), offering carefully considered views on a wide variety of current events. In addition to hosting duties on shows such as "On the Record with Bob Costas" (HBO, 2000-04) and "Costas Tonight" (NBC Sports 2012- ), he was also frequently in demand in Hollywood, lending his voice to projects like the animated feature "Cars" (2006). So substantial was his visibility and credibility that at one point Costas' name was even put forth as a possible candidate for the commissioner of Major League Baseball.