Bokeem Woodbine

Falling into an acting career on a whim, Bokeem Woodbine was born in Harlem in 1973. His first love was music; he was playing guitar in a number of rock bands and saving up to have a tattoo of the continent of Africa inked onto his arm when he landed a chance to work as an extra on the film "Juice" (1992). The 18-year-old jumped at the chance to earn some extra money, and though his face never turned up in the finished film, the casting director on the film saw something in him. She called him in later to audition for Forest Whitaker's directorial debut, the HBO film "Strapped" (HBO, 1993). Soon, Woodbine was landing roles in highly relevant films like "Crooklyn" (1994) and "Dead Presidents" (1995). Taking his career as an actor ever more seriously, he would go on to co-star on series like "Battery Park" (NBC, 2000) and "Saving Grace" (TNT, 2007-2010), as well as in movies like "The Rock" (1996), "Ray" (2004), and "Total Recall" (2011). In 2015, Woodbine appeared in the acclaimed role of hitman Mike Milligan on the series "Fargo" (FX, 2014-), earning him major praise from audiences and critics alike. He would go on to play the villain Shocker in "Spider-man: Homecoming" (2017) before joining the cast of the true crime series "Unsolved" (USA, 2018-).