A charismatic entertainer, prolific songwriter, and esteemed humanitarian, Bono embodied the ubiquitous rock star role. As the front man for U2, one of the most successful and loved bands of all time, Bono helped lay the groundwork for modern rock music with seminal albums such as The Joshua Tree (1987) and Achtung Baby (1991) that delivered masterful instrumentation, powerful hooks, and introspective lyrics. The Grammy Award-winning Irish quartet, led by Bono, influenced generations of listeners to recognize music as a tool to deliver messages of hope and change. Bono's global appeal also aided in his philanthropic efforts, from raising AIDS awareness to campaigning for socio-economic reform, earning him much recognition for his charitable work and influence. A rare breed of celebrity cut from the same revolutionary cloth as one of his personal heroes, John Lennon, Bono left an indelible mark in the cultural zeitgeist and a legacy as a music icon for the ages.