Brendan Fletcher

Canadian film and TV actor Brendan Fletcher made his screen debut with a gritty performance as 11-year-old street hood Des in the 1995 made-for-TV film "Little Criminals." While the rising young star's Leo Award-winning portrayal earned him numerous television parts in his native Canada, it was as an adult that Fletcher would make significant inroads as a Hollywood commodity. After appearing as a series regular on family-oriented Canadian programs such as "The Adventures of Shirley Holmes" and "Caitlin's Way" -- for which he earned a Genie Award in 2001 for his supporting role as troubled teen Eric Anderson -- he had minor roles in major blockbusters, starting with the campy 2003 slasher mash-up "Freddy vs. Jason." Fletcher went on to become somewhat of a specialty actor in the horror genre, appearing as a central character in both "Ginger Snaps" movies, as well as the critically divisive 2005 Terry Gilliam-directed fantasy film "Tideland."