Bryce Dallas Howard

Determined to make it on her own merit without the benefit of being Oscar-winning director Ron Howard's daughter, actress Bryce Dallas Howard indeed achieved success and respectability based on a number of critically praised performances. Howard first gained attention when director M. Night Shyamalan saw her perform as Rosalind in a stage production of "As You Like It," which led to the young actress being cast in his supernatural thriller, "The Village" (2004). After being handpicked by Lars Von Trier for "Manderlay" (2005), she reunited with Shyamalan for "Lady in the Water" (2006) and followed with a Golden Globe nomination for reprising Rosalind in Kenneth Branagh's film adaptation of "As You Like It" (2006). By the time Howard scored substantial supporting roles in blockbusters like "Spider-Man 3" (2007) and "Terminator Salvation" (2009), she had achieved substantial success completely on her own terms.